Simple Series - Big Book - Over 50 Boomwhackers® Songs!

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SIMPLE SERIES BIG BOOK - Product Description

A super fun and flexible sheet music collection packed with over 50 familiar songs for your students - color-coded in simple "Boomwhacker" arrangements. Included are NOTES USED COLOR KEY at top, BIG NOTE and optional SINGLE PAGE versions for all songs. Each song has color-coded notation, chord symbols and lyrics. You can also use this product with Orff instruments and recorder. It's a cost-saving reproducible collection! Just buy one songbook and make copies for all your students. CONTENTS: Simple Series 1, Simple Series 2, Simple Series 3, Holiday Series - Christmas, Holiday Series - Festival Of Lights 

We have also included our Boomwhackers© "Note Chart" and some Teaching Tips that have been useful to us. 

The sheet music is in a downloadable PDF format for easy printing.

Over 130 pages of materials. . . (don’t let that scare you – just back up your pdf file and print as needed!)

This songbook requires one octave diatonic Boomwhackers®. The Treble Extension Set and Chromatic Set and are also required on some songs.

Because this file size is over 80mb it might take some time to download on some systems.   

I love using this with my bells and boomwhackers! - Erin B.

This has helped so much! thank you! - Heidi B.

 Love this resource! - Cindy A.

Songs Included

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