Simple Series 1 Audio Accompaniment Tracks Mp3s

Boompak, LLC

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Simple Series 1 - Audio Tracks mp3s - Description 

Simple! Musical!  Our new audio mp3 accompaniment tracks are a great companion to our top-selling Simple Series 1 songbook. These much-requested tracks will free you up to be hands-on with the students while they play along on their Boomwhackers®. We have included a version with recorded Boomwhackers® to give support to your students while they are learning the songs. We also have a version without Boomwhackers® when your students are ready for their performance. You can also use these tracks for sing-a-longs.  We are excited to offer this product!

Songs Included:

Hot Cross Buns

I’m a Little Tea Pot

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Itsy Bitsy Spider 

Old McDonald 

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The More We Get Together

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Wheels On the Bus

You are My Sunshine

Bonus: Happy Birthday Song